Epic Beat ‘em Up Platformer

Inspired from classic titles like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle, and Altered Beast - on your mobile.

Defeat the Bosses

Every Boss is unique and you must find the best way in order to beat them.

Upgrade Your Skills

Power up Deddy’s abilities using your hard-earned Coins to make him stronger, so you can send those thugs straight to hospital!



Besides for entertainment purpose, this game hopes it could also be used to raise awareness about kids with cancer. Depicted in this game, what pollution will do to children if we don’t do something to prevent it from happening in the future.

Fist of Rage is set in the near future, where Deddy “the Hero” and his partner Chika “the Scientist” are trying to help cure the cancer caused on purpose by the evil Corporation. Chika’s work on the cure stolen by the Corporation, and Deddy is here to retrieve it.

Can Deddy and Chika manage to get it back? Play Fist of Rage NOW to find out!